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Love yourself first

About Me

My professional journey began with my landing as a forensic scientist at the Forensic Sciences Lab in Madhuban. I left the job due to family obligations. Then I spent a little time with AIR Jammu, doing talk shows on different issues. After that, I switched to Education. While being an educator I was teaching senior students biology. During this journey of mine as an educator, I received immense respect from my students. They used to share all their troubles, pains, and anxieties with me. Something they were unable to do with other teachers. I was into mentoring and counseling them. However, all these things gave me deeper insights into the lives of teens. 

 For the last few years, I felt a vacuum in my mind, always thinking about how to help everyone better. 

In this whole quest for something different, I read about Vikram Dhar. I got inspired and enrolled myself to learn from him. And here I am in this beautiful, peaceful, and wonderful space of being someone professionally skilled to help others: PAINT THEIR LIFE CANVAS COLORFUL.

 Now I am a Life Coach, someone who helps others see their blind spots, work on their weaknesses, and empower them toward happiness in life.

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Getting a life coaching session with Dr Gurminder Rawal is highly beneficial. Dr Rawal is an experienced life coach who can help individuals identify goals, overcome obstacles, and develop a plan for success. The coaching process helps individuals gain clarity, improve self-awareness, and develop skills to achieve their desired outcomes.

It is especially useful for those feeling stuck, uncertain, or overwhelmed, and provides an opportunity to gain perspective and explore new possibilities. A coaching session with Dr Rawal can bring positive change and improve overall fulfillment, success, and happiness in life.

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Achieve greater understanding, assurance, and a stronger bond with your inner self, as well as realize your aspirations and objectives. Collaborate with me to expedite this process. The moment has arrived to seize control of your life.

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Life Coach Online Class

Together, we'll embark on a transformative journey towards achieving your desired level of clarity, confidence, and self-connection, while also helping you reach your goals and fulfill your dreams through my online coaching program.

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Work With Me

Working with Dr Gurminder Rawal can be a transformative experience. As a highly experienced life coach, Dr Rawal has the expertise to guide individuals through the process of identifying and achieving their goals. Her approach is tailored to the unique needs and circumstances of each client, and is grounded in a deep understanding of human behavior and motivation. Through working with Dr Rawal, individuals can gain valuable insights, develop new skills and strategies, and build the confidence and resilience needed to overcome obstacles and succeed. Whether you are facing a specific challenge or seeking to make positive changes in your life, working with Dr Rawal can help you achieve greater clarity, purpose, and fulfillment.

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Work In Action

Why You Need A Life Cach


Clarify Your Goals


Overcome Obstacles







Are you prepared to revolutionize your life?

Are you struggling with feelings of anxiety and self-doubt, hindering your ability to achieve happiness and success?

Do you find yourself longing for something more in your life or relationships, despite everything appearing to be in order?

Are you searching for greater contentment and fulfillment across all facets of your life?

Are you tired of feeling stuck and ready to take meaningful action towards creating the life you truly desire?

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